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How we can help

Technology is changing rapidly - both in business and our personal tech. We help busy people learn and use technology efficiently and effectively. Whether you are heading back to work, starting a business or just need to up your tech game to order an Uber, we can help.

Personal services

Technology is everywhere. Let us be your tech support for daily life. Our step-by-step approach is unlike anything else available. Best of all - we come to you!

The possibilities are pretty limitless. We can help you:

  • Use your smartphone more skillfully

  • Set up a new printer

  • get control of your digital (and paper) photos

  • De-mystify TV streaming

  • Learn to use a new computer

  • Manage passwords

  • Troubleshoot

business services

Busy entrepreneurs and professional need to use technology efficiently and effectively. Whether you are starting a business, need to understand marketing tools, or heading back to work, we can help. We have helped our clients:

  • Learn the ins and outs of social media

  • Set up a contact manager (CRM)

  • Learn Excel

  • Collaborate with Google Drive

  • Create newsletters in Mailchimp

  • Manage your website

  • Set up a good LinkedIn profile

  • Update tech skills for employment

TechMoxie workshops

We offer small group workshops and tech talks. For smaller groups we can do hands-on instruction. Here are some of our favorite talks or create your own! Some of our favorite talks:

  • Staying Safe Online

  • Living (and aging) Well With Technology

  • Getting Around: Uber, Lyft and Navigation

  • Photo Management in and out of the Cloud

  • iPhone basics

  • Android basics

Help TechMoxie

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 Your presentation was informative, interesting and really captured the attention of the attendees. I received many positive comments from members after the event. I also learned from your presentation, and my phone now has the ‘magnifier’ activated(!)

- Executive Director, Community Organization

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