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Pam Holland - TechMoxie Founder

Pam Holland, Founder and President

TechMoxie is women-owned and operated by Pam Holland. After more than 20 years practicing law, Pam founded TechMoxie out of a love of technology and the passion for simplifying the complex.

Having her own business has been a lifelong dream from age 8 when she started a door-to-door candle business selling what she made in the family kitchen. Pam loves helping people with their technology - there is nothing more satisfying than taking frustration out of someone’s life.

Pam finds that her tech-work is not that different than the practice of law. Both require a high degree of troubleshooting skill, the ability to understand how a set of rules apply to situation and much patience!

Pam is the proud mom to two young adult children, married to a fellow lawyer and loves showing off photos of the family goldendoodle, Maizie.

Diane Boyd

Diane Boyd, Technology Coach

As a management consultant, I evaluated health and social programs. I loved finding solutions to help struggling programs find their way. Working on the organizational level was rewarding but lacked the immediacy of helping someone one-on-one.

On a trip home to Michigan, I noticed my best friend's 89-year-old mother struggling to use a tablet to see her grandson's travel pictures. It turns out my friend was sending the photos as email attachments. I showed her mother how to click on the attachment to see the photos. It was a "lightbulb" moment - I could help!  

When you have a session with me, not only will you learn about technology, but you might talk me into showing you pictures of my other passion - volunteering at amateur sports car races!


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 You are worth every penny! I am so grateful for your help today!

-Business Client

Thank you so much for the beautiful Facebook page that you created for us. Wow - it is incredible.You have captured all of it. You are the best!

-Non-profit Client

I'm grateful for all of your patient efforts to get me up and running on gmail.

-Personal Client


Pam, thank you so much for the amazing presentation that you did yesterday for our Village. Your presentation was informative, interesting and really captured the attention of the attendees. I received many positive comments from members after the event. I also learned from your presentation, and my phone now has the ‘magnifier’ activated(!)

-Community Leader

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