Email - Don't Get Locked out


forgot-password-528This problem has been an issue for a number of our clients. Situation arises when youb ve had your email account for many moons. Its a common problem: You forget your password and need to do a reset. Not a problem so long as your email provider can authenticate you. This can be difficult if you havenb t added your cell number to your account info, or your security questions were set up so long ago that you forget the answers, or put the answers in slightly differently than as originally set up.

Some email providers are completely brutal. It is possible to completely lose access to your email account.

Lesson: Make sure your account and security information is up to date. We recommend providing:

  • Cell phone numberB - This allows you to receive a text message to reset your password. And is another way for the provider to authenticate you.
  • "Rescue" email address - This isB an alternative email address - yours or a family memberbs that can be used to send a link for a password reset.
  • Updated security questions/answers - Although the answers might seem obvious at the time, it is a good idea to write them down. The robot reading them will not be able to accept bChrissieb instead of bChrissyb or bChristineb.

Have a tech tale of woe of your own? Send us a note! We'd love to help others avoid the same frustrations.

iPadPam Holland