Been told your computer is slow or 'needs cleaning'? Beware...

Have you been told that your computer is "slow" or "needs cleaning"? You be the judge.

Sometimes computers do get noticeably sluggish. But you are the best judge of that - not a computer technician or a pop up window on your internet browser. With increasing frequency, we are hearing fromB clients whoB have been told that their computer "needs cleaning" or is running "slowly". Often this is via a pop up window that looks like an official Microsoft notice. B Other times, clients have been told of such problems when they bringB their computers into a shop for installation of virus protection or something similar.

Some of these practices are downright predatory - selling services that are completely unnecessary. So how to know?

  • Think carefully before authorizing a technician to perform additional services on your computer. If they say your computer is running slowly - consider whether it actually has been sluggish. You are the best judge. And chances are that your computer will be just fine without that "cleaning".
  • Never click on internet pop-ups warning of problems with your computer or offering to scan for viruses. These pop-ups can masquerade as warnings from virus protection, so familiarize yourself with the virus protection software already on your computer.
  • Beware of phone calls.B Microsoft will never call saying there is a problem with Windows. This is an old scam - but the calls are still coming.

And what if your computerB is sluggish?B Find a reputable technician. TechMoxie can help with basic maintenance and we keep a list of technicians we can refer you to for more complicated issues. Or, do it yourself. Consumer Reports is a great source for information onB how to keep your computer running smoothly. B Here is a link to an article from 2013 that is helpful especially for those with somewhat older computers.B

iPadPam Holland